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Cultural Architect | Author | Bio-Field Therapist


Writer | Word Musician | Award Winning Poet


"My art explores the reflection the struggle see’s when gazing into a body of water, the face of the people, the sky, the birds, and the crooked smile on the clouds.  I am this, and much more, and my work aims to express why!"

                                      - Oshea Luja

"His words leap from the pages and empowers all who reads them, a royal feast of words served by one of America's finest poets."   

                                                                                    Father Amde Hamilton

                                                                                   - of The Watts Prophets

"Such a gifted individual, his voice needs to be heard...  I personally believe he is a genius with words". 

                                                                                                                                Animashaun Rahh

                                     -Musician / Educator

Resources for Teachers and Educational Institutions

Accessible to work in collaboration with teachers to provide resources that support planning and carrying out meaningful projects with students based on the following areas of expertise and insights:

•    Depth of knowledge regarding cultural strengths, resources, history/traditions, organizations, leaders and perspectives, including familiarity with deeply rooted local community organizations and historical landmarks

•    Depth of knowledge of key historical and contemporary cultural community-based leaders, organizations and landmarks and strategies for exploring and investigating the community to understand history, perspectives, possibilities and solutions

•    Expertise in designing and carrying out authentic projects representing the Watts Community, including producing The 50th Golden Anniversary of the Watts Writers Workshop in collaboration with Cal-State University of Dominguez Hills, and co-producing the Watts Rebellion 50th Anniversary in collaboration with Ant Marshall (The Lyricist Lounge) and Grand Performances in Downtown Los Angeles.  

•    Co-Founder of Still Waters Publishing Press – a small press that publishes 4-5 manuscripts a year and has a staff of professional writers, educators and workshop facilitators. Facilitator of the Doby Boys Youth Program at the Watts Learning Center and has also published an Anthology with authentic WLC student life narratives through poetry.  Creator of The Majestic Power Workshop Curriculum, that serves California Charter Schools, Private Institutions and The Los Angeles County Public Libraries.  

•    Expertise in authentic use of digital, visual and arts as media for expression in conjunction with oral and written language development across genres (expository research, poetry, narrative) and for varying audiences and purposes.

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