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Melanie Luja (known creatively as Queen Socks) is a soul-work practitioner, life-purpose coach, educator, author, and award-winning poet.  She is the founder of Subtle Tiyes Products, and the CEO of Still Waters Network (a Los Angeles based production company). Melanie is also the co-founder of The Vibrations Enrichment Group, which focuses on Alkaline Education, and The Balance Portal, a private practice in southern CA, where the aim is Alternative Soul-Care.  With the release of the book Internal Balance: Would You Marry You? alongside her husband Oshea Luja, Melanie has brought another level of philosophical truths into a synergy designed to balance a person’s universe internally and externally...   read full bio

“Remember, we are the authors of our destiny, the painters of this canvas that‘s ever-evolving from one moment to the next. We can accept what we desire and reject what does not resonate.” - Melanie Luja

Introducing a new podcast where Melanie will be offering simple, yet profound tips to assist in the healing process suggesting seasonings and ingredients that might already be in your kitchen.   The episodes will take place on Monday's at 3:33pm at

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Internal Balance –Would You Marry You? Is a content rich manuscript that journeys from the micro to the macro universe in the turn of a page. The book is based on Melanie and Oshea’s philosophy - that everyone has the innate ability to love themselves into wholeness, creating an overflow that loves without expectations, conditions and by default.

"Try Walking A Mile N My Socks" is a timeless manuscript that echo's Melanie's connection to nature, tribe and the universe. We share her aim in discovering parallel messages from ancient sources about the infinite power of the journey that exist in all of us. Melanie hopes by telling her story, we all will be motivated to tell our story for generations to come.

I create to remind my me that I'm here, now, forever in this journey of remembrance.

“I will wash my hands of the last moment and enter into the new moment, clean and refreshed.” 

The day that changed my

life was the day I changed

my life.

You are miraculous

whole and divine...

even when you think

you're not!

“It’s to easy to do it right when wrong ain’t working!”

I am open to being close to negativity!

Released in 2015, The Love Lock has garnered international attention for it's smooth, culturally significant, easy listening jazz riffs set under dynamic spoken word vocals from Melanie & Oshea Luja aka (Food4Thought & Queen Socks).   

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